Easy steering at low speed!


It is a well known problem that boats equipped with an outboard engine or stem drive have a poor manoeuvrability at low speed.

The engine does not give enough propulsive power to keep the boat on course and steering corrections have to made constantly.


With the Course-Keeper you have a dual rudder which increases the rudder surface and gives you a superior steering effect, even by idle running of the engine.

The Course-Keeper allows you to steer and park your boat almost like a car and makes steering easy at low speed.


When the speed of the boat is increasing the Course-Keeper lifts out of the water and avoids oversteer and loss of speed.

The blades and the brackets of the Course-Keeper are made of sea-water resistant aluminium and they have an epoxy coating. All other materials like bolts and nuts are of stainless steel A2 quality.


The Course-Keeper protects bathers from injuries and when going astern it protects the propeller against damages.

The Course-Keeper is available in 5 different sizes. Fitting is simple. The most parts are pre-assembled and the unit can be easily mounted on the cavitation plate without drilling any holes.





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